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    Journal — our studio

    Showroom vibes

    Showroom vibes

    From the very start, we wanted to create a space that felt warm, personal and intimate. Rejecting the notion of large impersonal showrooms, we looked for a stand-alone building on the edge of Dallas' design district and instantly fell in love with a warehouse-like building that was a total eyesore at that time (we love a fixer-upper!).

    Come meet us in person and shop our pillows, candles, and ceramics, which are ever-changing, housed in our 18th century English cabinet. And get a sneak peek into our studio too (where we design/develop, have looms and stock yardage).

    Need assistance scheming? We are happy to help you make selections. We stock memos (and yardage!) in our studio.
    Want something custom for that special client? Sift through our heaps of experimental weaves... the possibilities are endless.

    Oh and incase you're wondering what that blush color is, it's Likeable Sand by Sherwin Williams ;)

    {photo credit: Alexandra Hulsey}

    Custom Weaving in our Dallas studio

    What makes a space truly well-appointed and memorable?
    Answer... when its contents are bespoke.

    A beautiful, bespoke space can be achieved by making small magical changes.
    For example, purchasing stock furniture chairs but reupholstering them in a custom textile.

    We are delighted to announce Custom Weaving in our Dallas, TX studio.
    We would love to collaborate with you to create a textile that’s perfect for your project.

    Casey Johnson, our in-house weaver and studio assistant, working at our loom, fondly named Lagertha.

    Our boards are constantly getting pinned with new in-house woven designs.
    Colorful yarns and plenty of neutrals stacked on our shelves.

    Process magic on the loom.

    Lead times for weaving initial custom sample: 2-3 weeks

    Ready to get started on your custom textile?
    Email us