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The beauty of the Rockies

Few weeks ago my hubby and I visited Utah for a friend's wedding high up in Alta at Snowpine Lodge. Right after the wedding, we turned the trip into a spontaneous adventure and drove up 6 hours to Yellowstone, without reservations! Wyoming took our breath away ya'll....

KUFRI Crush: Visiting Girard's wing in Santa Fe

New Mexico never fails to cast her spell on me. Each time I visit, I discover something new and return completely revived and inspired. Here's my favorite from this trip... The Girard Wing at the

The English Garden

Last month, my hubby and I traveled to London and Dorset. London is such a juxtaposition of old and new, it's dramatic and absolutely gorgeous. But what really inspired me was the English countryside. Soft rolling hills, patches of every shade of green, a beautiful coastlin...

Southern India… a photo journey

Southern India… a photo journey

Plane, train, taxi, rickshaw… it literally takes 4 modes of transportation to reach some of the towns and villages I travel to. This time I delved deeper into South India… greener, cleaner and undoubtedly gleaming with southern hospitality.