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    Journal — interior designer crush

    Interior Designer Crush: Kristen Fegale

    Interior Designer Crush: Kristen Fegale

    We are big fans of Kristen Fegale Interiors because their work resonates with all the things we love - natural, holistic spaces to live in, yet never lacking in any way. For Kristen, this translates into soothing palettes and thoughtful moments. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy our Q/A with Kristen herself. This is part of a series 'Interior Designer Crush' - read all posts here.

    Tell us about your design practice and philosophy... what makes it different from any other design studio?
    I started Kristen Fegale Interiors because I felt my aesthetic was different from most designers in Dallas. It is influenced by an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, spaces that feel connected to the earth and are pleasing to live in. I enjoy soothing, calming palettes that lend to a peaceful retreat. I also love small details that make furnishings/textiles unique and I think this is a common theme among the rooms we design.

    Your work incorporates a lot of natural materials and subtle textures. Tell us about what draws you to them.

    I love texture. It's important to vary the textures used in a space to create interest. Many natural materials like sisal, chunky wool knits, wicker, leather and cane add interesting textures to spaces. Printed patterns can also add texture to a space, but it's important to make sure the scale of the patterns differs enough so they work together. I love a great print, but I'm always mindful of the possible art used in a room because rooms can be more about the art or some other focal point ...or they can be more about a great printed fabric or wallcovering if the art is calm.

    Do you feel using natural home textiles can have an impact on your well-being?
    Yes. You come in contact with fabrics on a daily basis; you want them to feel good and comfort you. We are finding our homes are our sanctuaries, and that's true now more than ever.

    What do you love about natural, sustainable textiles. How would you compare them to synthetic textiles?

    I love that natural textiles are environmentally friendly. I can feel good about specifying products that were made sustainably and will biodegrade. For instance, you can't get much better than a great wool rug. Wool has natural lanolin to wick away stains and it's soft, making it a great choice for carpets in every home.

    KUFRI prides itself on using natural, biodegradable fibers and sustainable practices wherever possible. What are your favorite go-to's from the line and what do you use them for?
    I love KUFRI's ready-made pillows. You make it so easy to order some for an upcoming install and have them readily available. I also love upholstered beds, and KUFRI's textiles are a great choice for this application. My personal favorite is Cusco Stripe in all its colorways- I love the texture of the stripes. I adore all of the new block-printed patterns.

    Looking beyond design, what else do you do to create a holistic life and home?

    I think having a lot of natural light in a home is important and finding ways to tie the indoors to the outdoors. I also use indoor plants, many of which help clean the air but they also help with sound absorption and they are beautiful to look at, creating an atmosphere of well-being.
    My main holistic practice in life is to stay positive. Especially during our current world state of uncertainty (COVID-19), we can't let fear and anxiety get the better of us. We have to find joy and peace in the places we can. In the end, I hope this global pandemic reminds us not to take life for granted and creates more empathy in all of us.