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    Journal — process

    Next Level :: Why Handwoven?

    When should you specify handloom woven fabrics? We've broken it down to a few key points...

    Natural fibers, sustainably made
    Sustainability encompasses more than just producing using eco-friendly also means applying ethical business practices, where workers are treated with dignity, and paid fair wages. Our fabrics also pay attention to the "closed loop system" meaning everything springs to life, gets used then put back into the gets put back into the earth and can bio-degrade within 2-6 months.

    Imperfectly perfect textures
    The irregularities and nuances found in handwoven textiles is what makes them unique and beautiful. The perfectly imperfect adds lots of character and texture making each handwoven fabric truly a work of art.

    Stocked, ready to ship
    We all love a stocked item. With our handwoven textiles, all fabrics are stocked in our Dallas, Texas showroom and ready to ship! This accessibility helps us promote a conscious, beautiful life at home, without the lead time. And, did you know? Most of our fabrics can be Stain, Flame, or Outdoor treated!

    Handloom weaving began as early as the 10th century. And even now, all you need is a wooden loom (what a beauty in itself) that takes no electricity! It is a completely manual process and a craft that is passed down generations. Our textiles help artisans continue doing what they know and love, allowing them to sustain their families and villages. There is a strong cultural and economic impact that is created by using our textiles. Now that's something any client would want to support! 

    Handwoven textiles are made with history, heritage, and heart. They are slow textiles and what we love to call Impact textiles...their impact is felt on an entire village. Imagine that :)

    Tesuque textiles collection: The Process and Story

    Tesuque textiles collection: The Process and Story

    The idea behind the Tesuque (pronounced teh-su-keh) collection began a few years ago over many trips to my spirit place, New Mexico. Each time I would go, I would gather books, art, images and ideas, which turned into sketches, which then turned into loose patterns.

    The whole collection is meant to feel imperfect and earthy, just like the raw landscapes and beauty of New Mexico. The ground cloth, linen, for the collection is specifically handwoven by our weavers to give it texture. Then patterns got hand-carved into woodblocks, which then got handprinted onto the handwoven linen.