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    Designer Crush: Holly Hickey Moore

    We are big fans of Holly Hickey Moore Interior Design. Holly is a dear friend and an amazing designer. Speaking to our cravings for an artful home, Holly's projects evoke emotion, depth, and authenticity that come directly from the client's (YOUR) life. We asked Holly why she loved KUFRI products and to tell us about a recent project here in Dallas as part of our series 'Interior Designer Crush' - read all posts here!

    Photo credits: Matthew Niemann and Amanda Lynn Photography

    I love KUFRI because they are local, but more because I know Mili. I know her story, the story of her textiles, where they come from and how they are made. The KUFRI brand has a lot of depth and soul as a product and everything about it. - Holly Hickey Moore

    The homeowners bought their original 1970s ranch style home in Dallas a few years ago. They did an extensive renovation but felt stuck with interiors and furnishings. As a busy family, they really wanted to help to get it done, but done well. That's where HHM came in.

    The now Wine Room was just an empty white box... the homeowners envisioned a cozy space where they could display their wine collection and enjoy a bottle with guests.

    We incorporated KUFRI's Muse/grasscloth wallpaper as it was a new design never been used before and was the backdrop that created interest but didn't overwhelm. The homeowners love supporting local makers too, so it was a win-win.

    We also chose KUFRI's Roar and Karuso pillows for their organic patterns, as well as one-of-a-kind textile art piece for the wall. It's so unique because it's the drop cloth from Mili's screen printing experiments. 

    Designer Crush: Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio

    We have a forever crush on Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio and their design philosophy:
    Our portfolio of interiors work leans heavily toward a modern sensibility, with highly edited spaces and very selective procurement of high-quality pieces.  We work very hard to ensure that all of our projects have that feeling of handmadeness and craft.  It's important to us that we reduce our contribution toward mass production and heavily rely on short-run goods and handcrafted details to make our projects shine.

    Jenny & Jeff from Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio

    Photo: Haris Kenjar

    We love a good stripe, but it's hard to find a textural version that doesn't go too traditional.  This Nickey Kehoe chair needed something that felt at home in this casual coastal home and Sur gave us the opportunity to create tailored softness.

    Photo: Haris Kenjar

    This coastal home gave us the opportunity to layer the kitchen, living, and dining in two distinct zones.  We knew the storage ottoman (usually full of grandkids' LEGOs) needed a bold pattern with simple detailing.  We always look to hierarchy to guide us when choosing upholstery-  if there is too much competition between pieces you end up losing balance.  Takamaka gave us simplicity while maintaining the large-scale distinct pattern we were looking for.

    Photo: Leah Verwy

    This attic apartment in a sprawling NW Portland Victorian served us with all sorts of angular challenges and opportunities.  We detailed the space with a host of different triangular patterns, including this previously unused space turned window seat.  We love that Tribal gave us the angles we wanted without slipping into an overly geometric pattern.  The weave gives that ever so soft edge, like sand blowing off a dune.

    Daily Joys...behind the scenes at our studio

    Have you read the news today? Oh boy...

    Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a textiles studio? 

    We find our escape on the edge of the Design District in Dallas, TX. The joys of having a studio-based practice for a business are many... goal-setting, collaboration, celebrating small (and big) victories. Here's a little behind the scenes of our day-to-day...what we do to bring you beautiful, natural, and sustainable textiles. Enjoy!

    Our colorbook and yarn swatches give grounds to the design process. Beginning with a color palette shapes a new design line. 

    Material girls through and through, natural fibers sing the story of KUFRI. Selecting the right yarns for the design are instrumental for our process.
    Once our designs are woven, our textiles are stocked in Dallas. Memos on hand for delivery or showroom pick up. You can order online through your trade account or contact us directly.
    See Mili here checking stock for your next order ;)

    Interior Designer Crush: Ore Studios

    We are big time admirers of Ore Studios because of the warm, informed, and functional spaces they create. For this studio, the most beautiful rooms are the ones that work effortlessly for the people inhabiting them. We couldn't agree more. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! This is part of a series 'Interior Designer Crush' - read all posts here.

    Principal of Ore Studios, Andy Beers; photo by Julie Harmsen

    Tell us about your design practice and philosophy... what makes it different from any other design studio?
    We're very influenced by both buildings and people- we're always happiest when both the house and the client are well served by the work we do. We get to know our clients really well, listen to their preferences, and then overlay that with an understanding of which design and decoration details are the strongest fit with different types of architecture. We find that work approached through this lens tends to be the longest lasting.

    We also like to add as much visual warmth and texture as we can with textiles, as they're such a great opportunity to express a client's point of view in a really low-risk way. Having clients invested in their finishes and fabrics, particularly when there are so many choices in the marketplace, always feels great.

    How have you used KUFRI in some of your recent projects? 
    We have used KUFRI in multiple projects. One was a large remodel for a wonderful young family in Seattle. We used KUFRI's Sanjana Stripe in Grey draperies and Tribal in Black lumbar pillows. We wanted something interesting for the draperies that would read as texture once they were tailored, and would be a pattern they can grow with. Sanjana Stripe broadens the visual impact of the black window sashes, is sophisticated enough for an adult, but has an organic sense of play that is well suited to a kids room.

    For the guest bedroom, we used Sur along with Carmel in Licorice for custom pillows. We felt so lucky to find Sur, as it allowed us to bring together all of the neutrals in the room while adding scale and texture. And I love including Carmel wherever we can- the heavy slub and diagonal weave are so beautiful on tailored goods.