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    2021 Design Predictions

    2021 Design Predictions

    Here's our overarching prediction for 2021... ARTFULLY WABI-SABI.

    The 2021 Home inspires through color, texture and story, and awakens the senses while maintaining harmony with nature. That's right, Sustainability is no longer boring. From plywood to impressionist style art, we've gathered what's on our radar for 2021. Enjoy!

    1. PLYWOOD :: On walls and ceilings we’re seeing these panels everywhere. (source: Andren Fogelstrom).

    2+3. NATURAL TEXTURES :: A mix of natural fiber textiles create true texture and a sense of connectedness with nature
    (source: Rustic Solids/Olive, KUFRI; Ikigai/Graphite, KUFRI).

    4+5. TEXTILE ART :: Think kimonos (source: Rustic Solids/Gunpowder, KUFRI) or quilts like this stunning geometric (source: Commune).

    6+7. EARTHY HUES :: Juicy, earthy hues replace neutral everything
    (source: Potishead/Gold, KUFRI) and it’s the heyday for grasscloths (source: ABA, KUFRI).

    8. MIXING WOODS :: Mixing various wood species delivers a dose of interest (source: Martin & Brockett).

    9. BRUSHSTROKES :: Impressionist and fauvist-style art creates a feeling of creative abandon like this Vanessa Bell piece (source: Bloomsberry Group).

    10. PLANTS :: We’ve been on this but 2021 will bring even more
    moments of green, inside and outside (source: Redmond Aldrich).

    Holiday Vibing

    Holiday Vibing

    Do you know how hard it is to find jello molds these days?
    We scoured antique stores, box stores, speciality stores, and finally used bundt cake molds from Target (it was too late to order online). 
    And then on the actual shoot day (with zero jello experience), we faced the herculean task of removing the jello from the molds, which was so ridiculous and hilarious, I can't even explain. Tori and I had tears running down our face.
    All in all, we managed to make the photo look like exactly what we wanted, and of course, our incredible photographer Alexandra Hulsey made it look even better.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Festivus to the rest of us...  

    Designer Crush: Shannon Eddings

    Designer Crush: Shannon Eddings

    Shannon Eddings Interiors, out of Austin, TX is an all-time-favorite. We love the mix of old and new Shannon brings to her interiors and always with a pop of color. She's a dear friend and we love collaborating with this ATX lovely! Take a seat and enjoy this part of our series 'Interior Designer Crush' - read all posts here

    My love for KUFRI runs deep.  Mili's fabrics are so versatile and individually unique that I feel I can use them repeatedly without the fabrics feeling old or tired.  All the KUFRI textiles nail that organic-earthy feel that I love bringing into my design work and are perfect for layering with one another.   The scale of the patterns combined with curated colorways make them my go-to's for upholstery, drapery and pillows.  Thank God Mili is in Texas too!  The Showroom is beautiful and has become a favorite place to pop by when I'm up in my home town of Dallas.

    We went to KUFRI for all of the pillows in this entire project.  The living room  of this new build home just outside of the Austin City Limits had a lot going on with a purple velvet sofa, soaring high ceilings and plastered fireplace.  We needed the 'right'  textiles to balance the space out that would provide a grounding effect while remaining interesting.  Layering in various KUFRI fabrics (Karuso in Natural, Carmel in Cream, and Tribal in Black) did exactly what I was looking for by balancing the flow of the space out with some subtle patterns and textures.   We played around with scale in this project with such high ceilings and were so very intentional about each and every element that lives in this room.  

    We had the same approach in the master bedroom with a bright velvet headboard.  We wanted a fabric that complimented the headboard but was subtle and interesting at the same time to create a nice layering effect. 
    I strive to invoke in people a desire to linger in a space and there is such value in every single textile piece having a purpose and adding to this mood.  I can't overstate the importance of details in my interior work and how every single element matters and that's why I am so drawn to Mili's textiles.

    This Rex fabric may be my all time favorite fabric by KUFRI - it's playful, versatile and chic.  How could we not make an entire bed out of it?  
    This is an East Austin home where an artist and a musician reside. We were going for a colorful master suite that was playful without being juvenile.  I tried to achieve this balance by layering in various shades of blue combined with a classic black and white and in interesting shapes and patterns, like Cusco Stripe in Natural. The elements play off one another to create a room that really comes across as fun without being too bold or busy. 

    Designer Crush: Holly Hickey Moore

    We are big fans of Holly Hickey Moore Interior Design. Holly is a dear friend and an amazing designer. Speaking to our cravings for an artful home, Holly's projects evoke emotion, depth, and authenticity that come directly from the client's (YOUR) life. We asked Holly why she loved KUFRI products and to tell us about a recent project here in Dallas as part of our series 'Interior Designer Crush' - read all posts here!

    Photo credits: Matthew Niemann and Amanda Lynn Photography

    I love KUFRI because they are local, but more because I know Mili. I know her story, the story of her textiles, where they come from and how they are made. The KUFRI brand has a lot of depth and soul as a product and everything about it. - Holly Hickey Moore

    The homeowners bought their original 1970s ranch style home in Dallas a few years ago. They did an extensive renovation but felt stuck with interiors and furnishings. As a busy family, they really wanted to help to get it done, but done well. That's where HHM came in.

    The now Wine Room was just an empty white box... the homeowners envisioned a cozy space where they could display their wine collection and enjoy a bottle with guests.

    We incorporated KUFRI's Muse/grasscloth wallpaper as it was a new design never been used before and was the backdrop that created interest but didn't overwhelm. The homeowners love supporting local makers too, so it was a win-win.

    We also chose KUFRI's Roar and Karuso pillows for their organic patterns, as well as one-of-a-kind textile art piece for the wall. It's so unique because it's the drop cloth from Mili's screen printing experiments.